Mit45 Mitragyna Special Extract Kratom Shot 12ct


  • 12ct Pack delivers amply supply for consistent benefits.
  • 45% Mitragynine Extract.
  • Experience reduced anxiety, heightened focus, pain relief, and sustained energy.
  • Kickstart your energy within minutes and reap hours of benefits.
  • goodness of 100% natural ingredients for a holistic and guilt-free experience.
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Introducing MIT45 Mitragyna Special Extract Kratom Shot 12 ct, the most preferred choice for vibe-seeking souls craving the ultimate kratom experience. 

Designed for those seeking an unparalleled kratom shot, MIT45 is the ideal solution for reducing anxiety, enhancing focus, relieving pain, and boosting energy without the drawbacks of crashing or nausea.

MIT45 is a pure, unadulterated, and unflavored high-potent kratom shot, boasting a 45% mitragynine content, making it one of the most potent alkaloid-infused products on the market.

This liquid kratom shot offers quick and long-lasting effects, earning the title of the “espresso of kratom.” 

MIT45 is produced in a certified CGMP facility, ensuring its exceptional quality and adherence to FDA standards. This potent Maeng Da strain is meticulously extracted in Holland using cutting-edge technology, resulting in remarkably high alkaloid levels that fuel its powerful effects.

Enjoy the convenience of MIT45 Mitragyna Special Extract Kratom Shot 12 ct anytime during the day or evening.

How to use – Begin with lower doses, especially for specific benefits. Consult a medical professional when using Kratom products.

Ingredients – Mitragynine Speciosa, distilled water, vegetable glycerine, natural and artificial stabilizing agents, malic acid, and trace amounts of alcohol from the extraction process.

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