OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsule Packs


  • 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct Packs.
  • Maeng Da Red Vein Extract.
  • Pain Relief and Mood Enhancement.
  • Cold-Water Processed: Ensures alkaloid.
  • Guilt-free Alternative to Opioid Products.
  • Assist in reducing withdrawal symptoms.
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Introducing OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsule in 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct packs, delivering the most potent kratom derived from the cold-water extraction process that preserves the alkaloids. 

OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules are perfect for seasoned or first time users seeking an instant relief from pains, mood enhancement, increased energy, and uplifting spirits. 

Derived from the full-blossomed leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, this provides the most potent and powerful benefits among any other kratom strains.

OPMS Black stands out as a top-tier choice due to its unique and certified extraction from Maeng Da Red Vein kratom, capturing the strain’s maximum potential. 

Its cold-water processing technique ensures the preservation of alkaloids, maintaining its exceptional quality. Each capsule is expertly crafted to deliver consistent and reliable effects.

How to use – Take with any drink. Begin with two capsules and avoid exceeding four at once.

Ingredients – 

  • Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf extract 50:1 – 310 mg per capsule.
  • (Mitragynine content 48%) – 148 mg per capsule.
  • (7-OH-Mitragynine content -<2.5%) – <7 mg per capsule.
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2ct 10PK, 3ct 10PK, 5ct 10PK


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