OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Liquid Extract 45ct


  • Potent Gold Liquid Kratom that contains high Mitragynine content.
  • Each shot contains 225mg of active alkaloids for an extraordinary sensation.
  • Three servings per bottle.

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Unlock a divine experience with OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Liquid Extract 45ct – a premium creation by Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. If you’re a seasoned Kratom consumer seeking the best, look no further!

Designed for experienced Kratom users, OPMS Liquid Kratom 45ct is perfect for those seeking a potent and enriching Kratom experience.

Derived from the esteemed Green Vein Maeng Da, this Gold Liquid Kratom boasts high concentrations of Mitragynine and other alkaloids, delivering a truly exceptional and divine sensation.

OPMS’ dedication to quality and growth-loving approach has earned them a renowned reputation in the industry. Their Gold Liquid Kratom is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Presented in a beautiful copper-colored bottle, each 8.8ml extract yields three servings. The concentration ratio of liquid to Kratom powder is an impressive one shot to 14 grams, providing 225 milligrams of active alkaloids per shot.

Indulge in the divine experience of OPMS Liquid Kratom 45ct whenever you seek an enriching and transcendent moment.

With OPMS’ reputable name in the industry and its dedication to premium quality goods, you can trust that each bottle of Liquid Kratom 45ct meets the highest standards of excellence.

Embrace the Miracles of Nature – Get OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Liquid Extract 45ct  Now on Open All Time!

Ingredients – Mitragyna Speciosa kratom leaf extract 50:1, 280mg per bottle. Mitragynine content 42.0% 118mg per bottle.7-OH Mitragynine content <0.005% -<0.01mg per bottle.

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