OPMS Green Vein Maeng Da 4oz Powder


  • Most Potent Green Vein Strain.
  • Lab-Tested and GMP Certified.
  • Lower Dosage Required.
  • 100% Organics.


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Introducing OPMS Green Vein Maeng Da 4oz Powder – the epitome of potency curated with love from the lush Greenlands of Southeast Asia. 

For kratom enthusiasts seeking a potent and energetic experience with the highest quality Maeng Da strain available.

OPMS Green Vein Maeng Da 4 oz Powder is a genetically modified and more potent version of the Silver Thai, extracted from the Maeng Da tree.

Crafted to perfection, this strain delivers an unparalleled combination of potency and long-lasting effects, requiring a lower dosage for the desired results.

OPMS ensures the utmost quality by examining each batch for alkaloids. It blends every batch to maintain consistency. Packaged in FDA-registered facilities following GMP standards.

Enjoy the energizing effects of OPMS Green Vein Maeng Da 4oz Powder during the day for a boost in energy, focus, and euphoria.

How to use – Start with a small amount, typically 1 to 2 grams, and gradually increase as needed. 

Ingredients – Organically Purified – Mitragyna Speciosa – All Natural Extract.

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