Delta 8 vs Delta 9 – Choosing the Right Cannabinoid

delta 8 vs delta 9

Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are types of cannabinoids derived from cannabis that are consumed through vaping. Both have unique properties that make them distinct from one another and they can be used to provide potential therapeutic benefits. 

We are going to discover the differences between Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, their legality, the potential strength they offer, and more. So, if you are a vapor looking to make an informed choice, keep reading

Delta 8 Vs Delta 9: What are Their Differences?

Delta 8 and Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two isomers of THC, the main positive component in cannabis. Both have similar properties; however, there are some differences that set them apart. 

THC TypeSource Extraction MethodUse EffectsProperties
Delta 8 THCHemp-derived CBD IsomerizationUsed in vape productsMilder effects compared to Delta 9
Contain high THC concentrations
Delta 9 THCCannabis plant Solvent extraction or CO2 extractionCreates vape cartridges and other cannabis productsStronger effects Potential for soreness and pain relief due to lower perceptivity and interaction with CB1 receptors

Delta 8 Vs Delta 9 Effects: How Do They Affect You?

When it comes to the effects of Delta 8 and Delta 9, there are a few key differences to consider. Delta-8 is often described as providing a more subtle and mellow experience than its counterpart, delta-9.


Delta 8 THC

  • Slighter high provides more energy.
  • Vaping Delta 8 may result in relaxation without intense intoxication.
  • Each puff gives a sense of relief from inflammation, nausea, and other conditions.
  • Faster absorption rate leads to quicker effects.

Delta 9 THC:

  • More sedating and providing a strong and intense high effect.
  • Delta 9 THC may provide more intense intoxicating effects than Delta 8 THC. 
  • Provide relief from pain and other conditions.
  • Effects may take longer to kick in compared to Delta 8 THC.

What are the differences in Delta 8 vs Delta 9 strength?

The Delta-8 and Delta-9 strength vary for individuals based on tolerance levels and metabolism. Those who are new to vaping should always start with low doses and gradually increase as per the requirement.

Delta 9 Strength:

  • Delta 9 THC delivers potent and immediate outcomes, producing a strong and euphoric high when vaped.
  • Vaping Delta 9 THC is popular among experienced cannabis users seeking an intense experience.

Delta 8 Strength:

  • Delta 8 THC offers a milder and clear-headed high when vaped.
  • Delta 8 THC is suitable for new vapers or those who prefer a gentler high.

What Are The Key Differences Based on Delta 8 vs Delta 9 Legality?

Delta 8 is federally legal in the United States while Delta 9 THC is still considered illegal on the federal level. Products with more than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC are classified as Schedule I substances (highly regulated drugs) under the Controlled Substances Act.

Feature/DescriptionDelta 8 Delta 9 
Composition100% natural hemp-derived Delta 8 THCAll-natural e-liquid
Relief FormVaporized smoke or essential oils to get rid of weed smellVaping
Legal StatusLegal for adults 21 and older in most US states
At least 21 years old to use Delta 9 product in the United States
Intoxicating EffectNon-intoxicatingNo toxins, chemicals, or addictive substances
Dosing EaseEasier to dose than traditional marijuana strains with lower THC levelsRefer to local laws and regulations
Anxiety/ParanoiaLess likely to cause anxiety or paranoia than other cannabis productsNot specified
FDA ApprovalNot approved by the FDATested and approved by Health Canada
Compliance with 2018 Farm BillYesNot specified
Drug TestingDoes not show up on drug testsNot specified
Age RequirementMust be 21 and older in most statesVaries by jurisdiction
Lab TestingLab tested for purity and potencyThird-party lab tested
Legal in All 50 StatesYesYes
Province/Territory-Specific RegulationsNot specifiedCompliance with provincial/state laws
Age Requirement in CanadaNot specified19 years old (varies by province)
Sales RestrictionsNot specifiedStrict adherence to federal/provincial regulations

Which Edible is Suitable For You Delta 8 vs Delta 9?

While Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC can be consumed in various forms, including edibles. Edibles are typically designed for ingestion, and attempting to vape them can be potentially harmful. Stick to vape-specific products such as cartridges, disposable pens, or vape juice when vaping Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 Edibles:

  • It provides a more pronounced effect than regular edibles, making them ideal for those suffering from certain medical conditions.
  • Consumables are much easier on the body and may cause fewer adverse reactions.
  • It can be taken in smaller doses such as 10mg or less for a more manageable experience. 

Delta 9 Edibles:

  • More suitable for those seeking stronger effects, backed by some studies for certain medical conditions. 
  • Tend to have stronger effects depending on the dose you consume.
  • 5mg of Delta- 9 edibles can take up to an hour after ingestion before being felt fully.

Which One Is Best Delta 8 Vs Delta 9 Gummies?

If you’re a vaper who enjoys cannabis, you might have heard of delta 8 and delta 9 THC gummies. These are infused with cannabinoids and offer an alternative consumption method.


Delta-8 Gummies: 

  • Derived from hemp, it lower THC concentration (around 0.3%), has milder effects, and won’t trigger positive drug tests.
  • Have the potential to provide healing benefits such as pain relief and relaxation without inducing strong effects.

Delta 9 Gummies: 

  • Higher THC levels (upwards of 10%), produce stronger effects like euphoria and are unlikely to trigger positive drug tests.
  • Potent benefits when consumed in larger doses, such as pain relief and relaxation without producing strong psychoactive effects.

Note: Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are not suitable for vaping in edible form. Vape-specific products like cartridges and vape juice are recommended for vaping

Delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC are types of cannabinoids derived from cannabis and used for potential therapeutic benefits. Delta 8 offers milder effects while Delta 9 has potential for more potent and euphoric effects. When it comes to vaping Delta 8 vs Dela 9, vape specific products are recommended.

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