What Are The Differences Between Flum Float And Flum Gio Vape?

What Are The Differences Between Flum Float And Flum Gio Vape

The vaping industry offers users a variety of products to choose from. Flum’s range of vaping devices is designed to meet many user preferences. In this article, a comparison between Flum Gio and Flum Float will be held to help you differentiate between the features and flavors.

Let us explore the distinctions between them and discover which one fits your vaping personality best.

What Is The Difference Between These Top Devices Of FLUM Vape?

  • Flum Gio VS Float In Terms of Their Appearance

The design is one of the most obvious distinctions between these two. The outside features of the two definitely set them apart.

The Gio is the perfect device for vaping on-the-go because it is portable, strong, lightweight, and features a soft silicone outer shell.The Float, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of flavour selections, has a plastic shell, and has a less streamlined design.
Compared to the Float, the Gio’s mouthpiece is more comfortable.The Gio distinguishes itself from the Float regarding aesthetics and physical sensation.
The Gio is the perfect device for vaping on the go because it is portable, strong, lightweight, and features a soft silicone outer shell.Float has a distinctive appearance that resembles a canister or tube. Its bulky appearance makes it a little difficult to use.
With a single, consistent colour scheme (determined by flavour), the device’s outside appearance appears more streamlined and understated.The device is enclosed in a plastic shell with loud colours that correspond to the flavour within. It may not be the most implicit, despite the pleasant and colorful look.

How to Compare Flum Gio vs Float in Terms of Flavors?

  • Flum Gio is available in 6 different flavors, whereas Flum Float is available in around 25-30 flavors to its users.
  • Gio includes Tropical Punch, Litchi Ice, Power Bull, Coffee Pump, etc. whereas, Float  Vape comes in aloe grape, cool mint, icy berry lemon, litchi rosy, etc.
  • Gio is recognized for its skill in producing flavor combinations with 5% salt nicotine vape juice that is exciting & enticing whereas, Float comes with 8 mL of salt nic (5% concentration) and a draw-activated firing mechanism.
  • With its assortment of zingy flavors, the Flum Float created a name for itself on the disposable vape market while those looking for a caffeinated flavor hit can select power bull or coffee pump of Gio.
  • Flum Gio Flavors like Litchi Ice, Tropical Punch, Juicy Apple, Strawberry POM, and Berry Fusion are available for fruit lovers, Float provides flavor to suit everyone’s tastes, whether they prefer fruity combinations or cooling menthol candy flavors.

What is Flum Gio vs Flum Float Difference as per Use?

  • A long-lasting battery and an inbuilt 8 ml e-juice pod are features of Float vape and Flum Gio’s E-juice capacity is also 8ml Per device.
  • The Float has a mouthpiece on top of a thick, tube-like design, and a draw-activated battery is inside whereas the Gio vape has a stylish and portable design that makes it simple to use.
  • Float utilizes a nicotine salt e-juice with distinct flavor options and Flum unique flavors with Nicotine strength of 5% OR 50MG in it that are sure to make your tongue do backflips.
  • Float is not refillable, users are unable to add their preferred e-juice to the device. However, they can choose from other flavors and Gio is a Prefilled device that provides limited flavors.
  • Long-lasting battery/pod of Float which is Pre-charged although Gio has a buttonless design and it provides 800mAh battery.
  • Due to Float’s large body, it may be not easy to carry it anytime and anywhere whereas the packaging is so attractive to Gio that it actually attracts the youth.

Which is Cost-Effective: Flum Float vs Gio?

As you all know, both Flum Gio and Flum Float are available in the same price range in the market but it has different levels of efficacy.

  • A pre-filled, pre-charged device called Flum Float can provide up to 3000 puffs; it is one of the brand’s more well-known models similar to Flum Gio.
  • Float which is designed like a wide pen, is reasonably priced despite its excellent performance. Gio comes in 6-8 variants in the market which are handy and affordable for its users.
  • Users can get plenty of flavors in the same price range which goes from $13 to $16 similarly, Flum Gio is also relatively cheap, with prices below the $ 14 mark.
  • Due to its thick packaging, use of it gets limited but due to Gio’s sleek design, it feels much more convenient to carry it everywhere by their users.

Flum Pebble vs Float: What is the Difference?

Both the Flavors provided by Flum offer different experiences to their users For example;

  • Puffs per Device:- The Flum Pebble disposable vape provides more puffs than the Flum Float disposable vape due to its specific cartridge material and design.
  • Price:- The pricing point between these two flavors is another distinction, which is around $13-16 vs. $15-17, which may be a significant consideration for consumers when choosing which one to buy.
  • Quantity of E-Liquid:- Flum offers two alternative nicotine e-liquid volume options: 8 ml and 14 ml. Flum float offers an 8 ml alternative for the beginning.
  • Flavors:- In comparison to the Flum Pebble, Float enables a more carefree vaping experience without any maintenance of battery.

What is the key difference between Flum Gio and Float?

  • Flum Gio has a convenient & compact size but Float has a significant predecessor with a comfortable mouthpiece.
  • Gio’s design is more subtle & light weight with one uniform colorway, Float has much unique design which is eye-catching for customers.
  • Gio has an 800mAh rechargeable battery whereas Float has Long Lasting pre-charged battery life.
  • Gio bends towards caffeinated and topical tangs whereas Float has more fruity menthol-based flavors for its users.

Choosing between Flum Float, and Flum Gio Vape requires an understanding of their unique features and differences. By considering factors such as convenience, flavor options, and personal preferences, people can select the vape that fits their needs best in terms of design, experience, and functionality.

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