How to Blow Smoke Rings and Do Vape Tricks?

how to blow smoke rings

One of the most common and captivating smoking tricks can be the ability to blow smoke rings using a vape. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there are a variety of ways to make flawless smoke rings that can amaze everyone.

To find out how to blow smoke rings like an expert, there are some incredible tips and tricks to follow. Aside from this, you should be walking through each step, from the basic “O” form to the complex double/triple rings.

How to color your smoke rings and use a nicotine-containing vape properly are some more fun activities to engage in.

What are Some Easy Vape Tricks for Beginners to Blow Smoke?

Users new to vaping can be confused about how to blow smoke. They may be wondering about some ideas to create smoke rings along with various shapes. They should be aware of some easy vape tricks to blow smoke as beginners.

  • To begin, fill your lungs with a lot of smoke.
  • Then you can make any shape with your mouth while exhaling smoke.
  • Use your throat muscles to force out brief bursts of smoke to produce rings.
  • To make different shapes of smoke rings, you can experiment.
  • You can practice blowing smoke clouds by inhaling a lot of smoke.
  • After that, you may slowly and gradually make it let out.
  • Try experimenting with various lighting and viewing angles.
  • By doing so, you can alter the appearance of your vape smoke.
  • Using electronic cigarettes for the first time may pose challenges in using these tricks.
  • But knowing how to use a vape pen as a beginner can make the other tricks easier.

How to Do Dragon Vape Tricks?

There is a dragon vaping trick a new user may try. The trick can make you look like a mythical beast. Also, this can be interesting as the smoke can look like being blown out from the four holes in the face.

  • Start by inhaling deeply while using your vaporizer.
  • For a few seconds, hold the vapor in your mouth to create pressure.
  • Exhale quickly and forcefully via your nose while forcing the smoke out of your mouth.
  • Create a short stream of vapor with a small inward lip curl.
  • That might resemble a dragon’s breath.
  • Try timing the inhalation to simulate fire by exhaling the clouds in quick, forceful bursts.
  • You can try new tests with various flavors and devices to pursue ring tricks.
  • This may produce distinctive visual effects, such as smoke that changes color.
  • To polish your skill, check how your dragon vape trick seems to others.
  • Also, practicing in front of a mirror can help you learn it better.

How to Do Vape Tricks French Inhale?

There can be a variety of tricks for vaping, one of them can be French Inhale. The smoke may be inhaled from your nostril that can be blown out from your mouth. It resembles a reverse waterfall.

how to blow o rings

Here are some steps mentioned below to process French Inhale.

  • Draw deeply from your vaporizer and let the smoke fill your mouth.
  • To allow the vapor to settle, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Allow the smoke to escape from your mouth as you slowly open it.
  • Simultaneously, take a deep breath through your nose.
  • Avoid inhaling via your mouth. Then maintain a relaxed tongue and mouth.
  • The cloud may flow across your tongue when you inhale through your nose.
  • This activity can make you feel cool off.
  • To develop your French inhale technique, practice the timing of your inhalation.
  • Also, practice exhalation, as well as the volume of the vaporizer you may emit.
  • To complete the trick, remember to expel any remaining vapor through your mouth.

How to Do Ghost Inhale Vape Tricks?

You may know how to ghost vape. Blowing smoke rings while ghost inhaling can give you a completely different experience. Also, blowing smoke may be a funny activity for some beginners, along with ghost vaping.

There can be a variety of ways for doing a ghost inhale. Some details about that are given further.

  • At the start, take a long drag to fill in your mouth with smoke by inhaling from the device.
  • Let the vapor linger in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • After that, try to exhale the smoke from the mouth in the shape of a ball.
  • Then aim to inhale back that again quickly in your mouth with some force.
  • Such trick rings are really fun activities for some new users.

What are the Coolest Vape Tricks for Advanced Users?

Users may get advanced over time as they continue vaping and performing tricks. They may be wondering about some new and coolest tricks to inhale vapor to make it more fun. The O-ring smoke is one great trick to be familiar with.

  • The jellyfish method can be the coolest, which may include blowing an O-ring smoke.
  • Push it with a smaller exhale to create a jellyfish-like effect.
  • Make a small cloud of vapor on a flat surface. Then swirl it with your hand.
  • This might make you produce a tornado-like effect.
  • Use your nose to expel a little burst of vapor into the center of the O-ring.
  • This can create the illusion of a bull ring by exhaling a huge O-ring.
  • Another vape trick can be splitting the smoke with your palm into two distinct rings.
  • Inhale vapor properly and then forcibly exhale it together through your nose and mouth.
  • It can make a unique and strong effect, resulting in the Bane Inhaling trick.
  • Pour water from a bottle into a glass while blowing vapor into it.
  • This may be done to create a waterfall-like appearance.

How to Blow O Rings Using Vapes?

You may also like to make others wonder by showing them your cool vaping tricks by blowing an “O” shaped ring. It can be easy to do, only you may require some guidance for how to blow O with vape.

  • Fill your mouth with vapor by taking a deep pull from your vape device.
  • Make an “O” shape with your lips, keeping them taut and flat.
  • Push little amounts of vapor out of your mouth in a pulsating manner.
  • This should be shaping the O-ring with your throat muscles.
  • Exhale the small vapor, circular bursts, keeping your tongue at the bottom of your mouth.
  • Once you have a visible ring cloud, push it forward or in other directions with your hand.
  • To create a clean and well-formed O-ring, practice the timing and force of your exhale.

How to Do O’s with a Vape Containing Nicotine?

Blowing O’s with a nicotine-containing vape can be the same as blowing rings with any other devices or e-liquids. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when using nicotine-containing e-cigars to blow ring tricks.

  • Use the nicotine strength that is appropriate for your level of experience.
  • Higher nicotine concentrations might make the vape harsher on your throat.
  • The same can also be more difficult to inhale, making blowing O’s more difficult.
  • To learn how to blow O’s with a vape, your puffs should be smaller.
  • Taking smaller puffs allows you to manage the amount of nicotine you inhale.
  • This stimulant can cause dizziness or lightheadedness if you inhale too much at once.
  • It can be dehydrating too. So drink water before/after the activity to stay hydrated.
  • Nicotine can produce stronger odors and clouds of smoke than non-nicotine vapes.
  • Additionally, be mindful of the potential harm of it to blow “O” safely.

How To Blow A Ring Bubble With Vapor

Blowing a ring bubble can be a critical task to do. The ring bubble trick may also be done by some users. By studying some steps, you can learn how to blow bubble rings easily.

how to blow a ring bubble
  • Deeply inhale the vapor into your lungs.
  • Make a little “O” shape with your mouth, as if you were about to whistle.
  • Keep your lips tight and use a quick, vigorous cough-like motion.
  • Afterward, make sure to let that drive the smoke out of your mouth.
  • Make a rapid and hard snap with your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  • The vapor can leave your mouth to create an air pulse.
  • This air pulse should produce a small, dense ring of clouds.
  • That smoke may float away from your mouth.
  • You can further try to blow numerous rings or modify the size and shape of the rings.

Tip: Practice by changing the shape of your mouth or the strength of your cough-like action.

How to Blow Rings Vape Double/Triple?

As goes the name, you may have understood what blowing two or triple “O” rings means. Doing this can look impressive and it might be quite simple to do these double or triple-ring tricks.

  • To blow a double ring, inhale a significant amount of smoke or vapor.
  • Then follow up the first ring with a smaller cough-like action.
  • Make sure the two rings are next to each other.
  • Along with this, ensure that they are close enough to form a double ring.
  • To blow a triple ring, inhale heavily the e-liquids.
  • Then follow the same first ring with two more fast, smaller cough-like motions.
  • The three rings must be in a straight line, close enough together to form a triple ring.
  • To make different sorts of rings, experiment with varied volumes of smoke or vapor.
  • Remember to inhale deeply and gently exhale to produce thick, dense clouds.
  • Those clouds should be simpler to mold into rings.

How to Blow Smoke Rings Vape in Colored Clouds?

Blowing-colored smoke rings can be unique for some vapors. This can be an exciting trick to do. Only you may need to follow some steps to learn how to make smoke rings with a vape, which are mentioned below:

how to make smoke rings with a vape
  • You may like to blow smoke rings using the device in color clouds.
  • Then you’ll need to choose a liquid that can produce thick, visible vapor.
  • Take a long pull from your vape device filled with that e-liquid.
  • Take a deep inhale from it, allowing the vapor to cool in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Form a little “O” shape with your lips. Keep your tongue flat and low in your mouth.
  • Push a low puff of vapor from your mouth.
  • To add color to your smoke rings, experiment with different colored vape liquids.
  • However, adding food coloring to your vape juice might be dangerous.
  • Pucker your lips and slightly open your mouth as you exhale the additional vapor.
  • You can do this to construct colorful rings and also by repeating this motion.

Blowing smoke rings can be a fun activity. By studying the required steps and process of some vaping tricks, even a beginner can learn to blow “O”. Safety measures should also be taken to prevent possible hazards while engaging in these activities.

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