What is the Legal Age to Vape?

what is the legal age to vape

From teens to adults, vaping is an activity that different people are exposed to. Before you decide to engage in it, it will be useful to know what is the legal age to vape.

The age can vary as per multiple factors. One of these is the country/place where you intend to vape. Depending on the type of device, there can be other laws regarding the age criterion.

There can be a legal age defined for this. Some countries, however, can adopt a national age as well. Considering all of these, you should know the appropriate age for you to vape, in sync with such factors.

What Age do You have to be to Vape?

Multiple nations have a common legal age defined to vape. The same is true for the use of electronic smoking devices. Not only that but also to buy such devices, this age needs to be ensured.

  • Usually, 18 years is the legal age for vaping.
  • This regulation is due to the components found in the device.
  • Those who are at least 18 years can understand the limit to which vaping can be done.
  • Even to understand the risks associated with that, this legal age has been defined.
  • In some countries, no particular age may be set.
  • Here, the common legal rules can apply.

What is the Legal Age to Vape in Russia?

In countries like Russia, even for buying vapes, there are restrictions regarding the age of a person. Then it goes without saying that even to engage in activities like vaping, there are some laws relating to the person’s age.

  • A person needs to be at least 18 years old for vaping.
  • Even buying e-cigarettes is associated with this age-related term.

What Age do You have to be to Vape in the US?

There are different states in the US. They are governed by varying laws when it comes to the legal age for vaping. Also, the rules regarding this can constantly be modified, depending on several situations. 

  • In some states, 19 is the age from which a person can vape.
  • However, in certain places, owing to medical reasons, no fixed age limit can be found.
  • In states like Arizona, one can start vaping after reaching 18 years.
  • Speaking of other states, the minimum age can be set as 21 years.
  • But in various places in the United States, for military personnel, 18 is the minimum age.

What Age is it Legal to Vape in Canada?

Certain nations follow a national legal age criterion to allow the use of e-cigarettes or vapes. Canada is one such country. Depending on the regions located within, the age can differ. Go through the below-mentioned points to learn further about what is the legal age to vape in Canada.

  • Here, the national age for vaping is 18 years.
  • In some parts of Canada, the age can be 19 years as well.
  • This age-related criterion can apply to both buying and using vapes.
  • Regardless of how the vape is purchased, legal regulations will have to be followed.

What Age to Vape When in Arkansas?

Like most places, Arkansas allows you to vape when you are 18 years old. This is the minimum age you should be, as per the laws governing this part of the US. The regulations also unfold the following:

  • While you can vape when 18 or above in age, you can’t do so near a school.
  • In childcare areas, vaping is not allowed.
  • Nearby a healthcare building, e-cigarettes are prohibited.
  • Even if you are a college student, vaping on campus is disallowed.
  • In a state park area too, such limitations are observed.

What’s the Legal Age to Vape in California?

It is important to know that in California, vape pens and other similar devices are considered to be products containing tobacco. Hence, the American state has defined different ages to buy or use these products.

A look at these points can clarify what age you have to be to vape in different parts of California:

  • In some parts of this state, you will have to be at least 18 years old to vape.
  • For other locations within California, users will have to be 21+ in age.
  • Additionally, those who are a part of the active military will require being 18 or above.
  • To place orders for vapes by mail, the age requirement is higher than 21.
  • In a youth jail, regardless of age, vaping may be banned, as per the rules.
  • When near a minor, vaping is not allowed, irrespective of a user’s age.
  • Using this device is restricted in public spaces too, despite following the above criteria.

What Age Are You Allowed to Vape in Alaska?

In the US state of Alaska, 19 years is the age following which a person can begin vaping. Whether he or she is buying a vape or using it, this is the age to be kept in mind. In addition to that, the following are to be ensured:

  • In areas wherein smoking is disallowed, the use of vapes is banned too.
  • When you are in an enclosed area in the public, you cannot vape.
  • There are some prohibited parts of Alaska where e-cigarettes can’t be used.
  • The above also applies when children are present near you.
  • However, some exceptions to the age-related rule can be there.
  • As per one of these, exceptions are observed when vaping due to medical reasons.

Is there a Legal Age to Vape without Nicotine?

There can exist an age to vape when you are not using nicotine. In some places, it can be legally fixed. However, there can also be countries where no specific age is decided but general laws can still be applicable.

  • In a number of countries, 18 is the legal age to vape without nicotine
  • However, some nations may prefer 19 to be the ideal age for this.
  • There can be places where 21 is considered the minimum age to start vaping.
  • Countries at large can have a common age limit defined.
  • But within countries, different states can have their own specific terms.

What’s the Legal Age for Vape Nicotine in Australia?

Vaping nicotine in Australia may be considered illegal. The sale of items containing this element may be banned unless allowed by a doctor and supported by a prescription. 

  • Even though nicotine vapes are not allowed, other devices can be purchased.
  • The age to buy or use them is not determined.
  • Depending on the location within Australia, the age can vary.

How Old Should You Be to Vape in the UK?

For individuals in the United Kingdom, 18 is the minimum age to vape. Aside from knowing the age limit, there are multiple other things also that they should be aware of:

  • 18 is the minimum age you need to be for buying the device and starting to vape.
  • Under this age, it would not be legal to buy such a device.
  • There can be some consequences to vaping or buying this item under 18 years of age.

When the effects are as severe as swollen taste buds, age norms should be adhered to.

Is it Illegal to Vape under the Age of 21?

Some nations regard 21 to be the minimum age requirement to engage in electronic smoking. But there are also places where adults who are 18 or above can vape, in accordance with the legal regulations.

Go through the following to understand further whether is it illegal to vape under the age of 21:

  • In the US, 21 is the legal age for vaping.
  • A country can limit vaping to under 21 years if the device is considered to contain tobacco.
  • Several countries like Sweden and Vietnam allow people to vape above 18 years.
  • In nations like Turkey and Jordan, 19 or above is the age for this activity.
  • Japan limits those under 20 to buy or use e-smoking items.
  • When you are 21 or above, you can legally vape in Ethiopia, Palau, Guam, etc.

What Age Group is Most Likely to Vape?

Vaping is legally approved in some countries and for people of specific ages. Varying from one nation to another, there are some age groups that can engage more or less in this activity. 

  • Those between 18-29 years tend to vape in the United States.
  • In different places, kids between 15-17 years are interested in learning how to vape.
  • From 30-64 years, there may be fewer individuals engaging in e-smoking.
  • Teens from 15 to 21 years of age may smoke nicotine without even knowing about it.

How to Get a Vape under the Age of 18?

It may be illegal to sell vapes to those who are under 18 years, depending on the laws regulating a particular region or country. Hence, getting the device below this age can be a challenge and is not advised either. Nevertheless, here are some ways indicating how to get a vape under the age of 18:

  • Those who are under 18 can request adults to buy vapes for them.
  • Some may prefer using fake identities to make such purchases.
  • There may be some stores available in your region that sell vapes without checking age.

In Summation

Vaping is an activity with different consequences involved. Hence, there are people of certain ages who can buy vapes and use them. 18 may be the minimum age to use vapes. But every country can have its own laws and regulations with respect to that. It is best to check the laws of your region prior to vaping.

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