What are Kratom Long Term Health Effects?

kratom long term health effects

Kratom, one of the most famous herbal medicines found in Thailand, is known to have both positive and negative effects when used in the long run. Before consuming this product, it is beneficial to know the possible Kratom long term health effects.

Such knowledge will not only safeguard you from any potential concerns but also help you decide whether you should prefer this substance. The health consequences of Kratom usage, its side effects, and its impact on one’s mental state may not always be positive.

Only after analyzing these points, will you be able to wisely rely on Kratom for any medical purpose. 

What are the Effects of Kratom?

Kratom effects depend on the dosage and the form of consumption. The effects can be both short-term and long-term. In the short run, Kratom can cause increased alertness. Beyond this, it can have a range of effects. 

  • Some of the short-term effects of this herb are:
    • Increased alertness
    • Dizziness
    • Increased sociability
    • Decreased appetite
    • Increased libido
    • Reduced anxiety
    • More energy and focus
    • Drowsiness
    • And, rapid heartbeat
  • In the long run, it can have an impact on the: 
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • And, mental well-being 

What are the Kratom Long Term Health Effects on Users? 

Consumption of Kratom generally has stimulating effects when taken in small doses. It has sedating effects when taken in high quantities. When consumed as per a prescription, it can have a positive outcome for a while. However, when taken frequently for a long time, the herb can have some serious health risks. 

These long term effects of Kratom on health are as follows:

  • Frequent usage can make one addicted to Kratom.
  • Health risks like weight loss, anorexia, insomnia, and dark skin can emerge. 
  • Changes in sleep patterns occur because ingredients affect the receptors in the brain. 
  • Tremors and lack of coordination in the long run are observed. 
  • Withdrawal symptoms when ceasing kratom use abruptly can include:
  • Nausea 
  • Headache 
  • Mental fog 
  • Confusion 
  • Muscle pains 

How Long Does it Take Kratom to Take Effect?

The time taken for the effects of Kratom to kick in depends on the dosage as well as the user’s age, gender, weight, and BMI. It also depends on the form of consumption, that is, Kratom vapes, capsules, powder, or juice. 

  • When ingested in small quantities, Kratom can take 30 minutes for the changes to show. 
  • Only 15-20 minutes are required in case of large doses. 
  • When consumed in the form of a pill, it can take an hour for the result to kick in. 
  • The peak effect can be achieved after 2-2.5 hours of consuming the herb. 
  • For the effect to wear off, it can take at least 4-8 hours or even more. 

What are Kratom Effects on Liver in the Long-Term?

One of the concerning Kratom side effects on liver is its damaging impact. The use of this substance can detriment the functioning of the organ. Rare cases of acute liver injuries may also be observed. However, the damage caused highly depends on the dosage and the frequency of consumption. 

  • Signs of liver damage include abdominal pain, jaundice, and elevated liver enzymes.
  • Liver transplantation can be required when the damage gets severe. 

Are there Long-Term Kratom Side Effects on Heart?

Although there has been no evidence regarding the direct Kratom side effects on the heart, it is known to indirectly have an influence on it. This is generally caused when consumption is done on a regular basis and in high dosage. In extreme cases, it can lead to heart failure too.

  • Additionally, Kratom can cause a rapid heartbeat, straining the cardiovascular system.
  • It can cause the BP level to spike, posing risks for those with hypertension. 
  • Irregular heartbeats and palpitations can be caused over time. 
  • Generally, those with cardiac conditions are advised against consuming Kratom. 

Are there Any Kratom Effects on Kidneys in the Long Run?

Increased use of Kratom is known to have a considerable impact on the kidneys. It can lead to dehydration which puts additional strain on these organs. A few more Kratom effects on kidneys are inclusive of problems such as polycystic Kidney or chronic renal failure.

  • Acute kidney failure due to continuous long-term consumption can occur. 
  • However, sometimes, Kratom can be prescribed to enhance the functioning of the kidneys. 
  • Under medical supervision, the positive effects of Kratom on the kidneys can include:
    • Reduced kidney inflammation 
    • Impact on creatinine levels, indicating proper functioning of the organ
    • Diuretic properties flushing out toxins and promoting healthier urine production

What are the Long-Term Kratom Side Effects on Eyes?

Avid users tend to face a number of side effects of Kratom in relation to eyes and vision. This is seen to be more evident in the case of long-term consumption. Redness, itching, watering, and puffiness of the eyes can be observed due to this.

Other side effects can include the following: 

  • Light sensitivity and difficulty in focusing the eyes can be seen. 
  • One can undergo eyelid twitching or eyelid spasms.
  • Users can experience blurred vision and difficulty seeing colors accurately. 
  • Swelling around the eye sockets can occur.

Are there Any Side Effects of Kratom in Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are often advised to avoid consumption of Kratom. It can affect the overall well-being of both the mother and the baby. The substance can negatively affect the growth of the unborn and have a large impact on its mental development. 

Some of the side effects from Kratom when it is consumed during pregnancy can be as follows: 

  • Women can be at an increased risk of miscarriage.
  • Fetal development abnormalities can occur.
  • It can lead to impairment on the baby’s cognitive and physical development in utero.
  • Possible premature labor or delivery complications can take place.
  • Withdrawal symptoms in the baby can be observed. 
  • Impaired fertility for women may occur when using kratom during pregnancy.
  • One can observe birth defects, including cleft palate and low birth weight babies.
  • Another side effect is the stunted growth of the newborn. 

How does Kratom Affect the Brain?

The most affected organ from the usage of Kratom is the brain. One of the common Kratom long term effects on the brain is sedation. However, the herb can have a positive impact as well when taken in the right quantities.  

  • It may reduce stress and anxiety levels by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels.
  • This can improve focus, attentiveness, stimulus, awareness, and clarity of thought.
  • Possible mood-elevating effects may help with depression and mental health. 
  • Over time, extreme usage of Kratom can result in certain negative conditions like:
    • Memory loss 
    • Setback in cognitive abilities 
    • Hyperactive or numb behavior 

What are the Long-Term Effects of Kratom on Stomach?

Kratom can have varying effects on the stomach, depending on the strain and dosage used.

The most common known effect of the herb is the loss of appetite. Hence, the negative effects of Kratom on the stomach should be taken into consideration before choosing to ingest this product. 

Kratom long term health effects can either enhance or detriment the well-being of a person depending on the dosage. Hence, the quantity of use should be properly regulated. The potential harm should be analyzed before consuming the product only then will you be able to curtail the ill effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Kratom effects last?

The effects of Kratom can last between 4 to 8 hours as per the dosage consumed.

What are the positive effects of Kratom?

It can reduce anxiety/stress and result in calmness as well as relaxation.

What are the negative effects of Kratom?

The herb can cause memory loss, vomiting, dizziness, and stunt mental development.

What are Kratom capsules side effects?

When taken in the form of capsules, Kratom can cause vomiting and allergies.

What are the long term side effects of Kratom?

In the long run, Kratom can cause addiction, weight loss, insomnia, and tremors.

What are the Kratom supplement effects?

Taking Kratom as a supplement can lead to nausea or allergies and reduce appetite.

Does kratom have side effects?

Yes, when taken in large quantities, this herb can produce certain side effects.

How long does it take for Kratom to take effect?

Depending on the dosage, it can take around 15-45 minutes for Kratom to take effect.

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